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Integrating svn with Nautilus

Finally! A plugin that lets you access all your favourite subversion commands that integrates with Nautilus. And that works! I previously tried [RabbitCVS]( "RabbitCVS") but found that it totally sucked when I navigated into the Isis parent directory - it seemed to immediately recursively investigate all directories. Anyway, after a serendipitous [StackOverflow]( "StackOverflow") search, I found [PagaVCS]( "PagaVCS"). [PagaVCS]( "PagaVCS") works really well, and it even has a [version]( "version") that installs on my Ubuntu 10.10 machine.
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Apache Isis version 0.2.0-incubating Released

New Functionality ================== Have a look at the [Release Notes]( "Release Notes") for the full list, but a selected highlight list: SQL/JDBC Database related ------------------ - Persist and restore polymorphic classes - Allow users to override "isis_" table prefix Other useful stuff ------------------ - JSON viewer (for Restful Objects, up to v0.56). - New "onlinedemo" example to demonstrate combined html and json viewers as live example. Other Improvements ================== After some internal discussion, we have revamped the Isis home page - hopefully it should now be more apparent what Isis is for, and how you can use it.
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